Jackson AntiX L

Jackson AntiX L

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creeking/river running kayak that is fun, easy to paddle, runs the river like a dream but with some groove in the hull design to allow for continual play all the way down! Take your time running rivers has never been more fun as you take advantage of every river wave, hole, splat rock, eddy line, pillow to your hearts content. The Antix turns quickly, squirts, spins, splats, and freewheels like a dream. The Antix is an easy boat to paddle in technical rapids helping you to cross comfort barriers more readily and has you learning to do more playboating moves each time on the water. The hull shape on the Antix makes it an easy kayak to roll. Its forgiving lines allow you to keep upright as you punch to the next level in your river running and play! Will be available in two sizes, medium and large.

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Modeljaar / Seizoen Gewichtsklasse (kg):
Extra Omschrijving 3 Materiaal: Polyethyleen
Extra Omschrijving 2 Aantal personen: 1
Categorie Volume (l): 246
Extra Omschrijving 4 Gewicht (kg): 15
Extra Omschrijving 5 Lengte (cm): 178